At-Home Eye Care
    For many years Dr. Szczepanski has done at-home eye exams as a courtesy to his patients, family, and friends.  He has recently become aware of a need for home eye care in the community at large, and wishes to extend this service to home-bound residents of Southern Burlington, Gloucester, and Camden Counties.
   His years of experience with seniors and the disabled have given Dr. Szczepanski the special sensitivity necessary to care for this population.

   Dr. Szczepanski provides a complete eye in the comfort and convenience of a home setting.  The exam includes:
  • Case History - to gain information on the patient's medical condition as well as past visual problems.
  • Visual Acuities - to measure how well the patient sees.
  • Evaluation of the external and internal structures of the eyes.
  • Evaluation for possible cataracts.
  • Tonometry to test for Glaucoma.
  • Refraction for eyeglasses.
   After completing the eye examination, Dr. Szczepanski can provide patients with high quality, fashion eyeglasses at a reasonable cost.